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About Us

Welcome to Glam Trend KFT, where time becomes a masterpiece. Discover our Pre-Owned collection of luxury watches, 100% original used luxury watches collection. Our skilled in-house team check each watch before sell to customer. Each timepiece is a symbol of sophistication and quality. Explore the fusion of tradition and innovation, and indulge in the luxury of time with us.

Preferable choices

We prioritize 100% ORIGNAL and outstanding quality check that exhibit durability, precision, and longevity. We deal in all kind of luxury and durable pre-owned watches in best price. Our in house team inspect each piece in very detail to ensure the product originality and 100% quality check.

Our Story

Step into the world of Glam Trend KFT, where time tells our story. Born from passion and dedication, our used luxury watches embody elegance and precision. Tested with meticulous detail and display with blend of tradition and innovation, each piece is a chapter in our journey of horological excellence. Join us in celebrating the art of timekeeping—welcome to Glam Trend KFT's captivating story.


All our variety is premium quality.

Excellent Service

We prioritize quality in everything we do.


We have almost all luxury brands.